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Default Re: Best ever Non League team

GK: Maxwell. Lainton doesn't get the nod because of tenure alone. If he stays and has a 2nd season like his first, he gets this spot. Maxwell was always solid and he's our best youth product we've had since we've been down here.
RB: Obeng. The one right back we've had who I thought had all the tools necessary. Quick, could defend and attack - I still remember that one challenge he made where he must have ran back about 50 yards and caught a striker who must've had 20 yards on him at least. No brainer.
CB: Pearson. Also who I'd pick as captain. Two seasons of being our stand-out outfielder and would walk into anyone in our league's team for me - and even a few in L2.
CB: Smith. The second CB slot choice is tough. You can realistically have NKP, Creighton and Smith here. I'm not picking NKP because he had one season at CB for us, the other being an uneventful season as an attacker. Creighton is 2nd place but I think Manny Smith, if everyone's on top form, is the best choice.
LB: Ashton. Consistent. Nothing fancy but you could rely on him in every game. 2nd is close between James Jennings and Neil Taylor.
CM: Harris. Loved watching him play for us. Never stopped running, could tackle and definitely could strike a ball. Definitely deserving of a spot.
CM: Keates. Best passer of a ball we've ever had. Cool and calm, a real classy central midfielder.
CM: Fowler. I struggled to think of a 3rd CM, but Fowler gets the nod. He'd have probably been an easier pick if Saunders didn't leave and he hadn't handed in his transfer request. Either him or Andy Fleming.
FW: Speight. Only striker to get us 20 league goals in a season since we've been down here. Gets this spot for that. Absolute fox in the box and a no brainer for me.
FW: Moult. Knew where the net was and deservedly got to play at a much higher level eventually. Best natural striker we've had.
FW: Wright. Worked hard. Started off slow but soon because a defender's nightmare. The third striker was tough, there's a been a few strikers who have had 15+ goal seasons for us (Wright, Jennings, Mangan, even as far back as Jefferson Louis) but Wright's my pick.

SUBS: GK: Lainton, DF: Creighton DF: Knight-Percival MF: Fleming FW: C. Jennings
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