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Default Re: Wembley - The Board

Originally Posted by Quay Red View Post
You can change the personnel at the top a dozen times. It doesn't alter the fact that we have to self fund. We can only spend what we earn. No sugar daddy.

There is little wrong in the way we are being run. Pretty much the same way as in our most successful seasons (historically) The real disasters were Hamilton (who wasn't worth much) and Moss who basically cleaned us out.
More than happy to welcome a benevolent "investor" to boost the coffers, he could even have a seat on the board to see where his money was going.
Quay red please answer these questions

1) Do you believe that within our fan base there is no one better than current incumbents to serve on the board?
2) Do you believe that there is no one within our entire fan base who could be co-opted onto the board and improve it
3) Do you think the current board are learning from their mistakes?
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