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Default Re: Like for Like 2018-19

Originally Posted by WrexhamTID View Post
Wrexham's league average away attendance 2018/19:
Average: 576 (2nd best)
Biggest: 1,520 (Chesterfield)
Smallest: Barrow (116, Tuesday night in Barrow isn't really attractive is it)
Games with 500+: 8/23
Total miles travelled: 8,050
Going to be a little better next season if we stay on track with on-pitch results due to 4 Southern teams going down and Orient going up. Salford and Stockport is pretty much as close to a like-for-like swap in terms of distance away as you can get, plus we'll probably take a lot to Chorley and Notts County.

Out of curiosity who was 1st best on average? I'd guess Orient with their results and the amount of teams in and around London but I'm interested.

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