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Default Re: National League Updates 2018/2019 Season

Originally Posted by jonesfach View Post
Don't know how extensive it is but probably 10-15k on CCTV System. Cameras are pretty cheap these days to what they were years ago and far better.
I'd imagine more like 60-75k to be honest, company I work for in Shropshire spent 40,000 last year on a 10,000metre square warehouse, 42 Wide Angle cameras at 1080p Res, including software and hardware support contracts (Those were 5k alone), network switches to supply PoE (Another 1000) and only 6 are Night Vision enabled, I imagine the club would have a lot more (Covering entrance/exits, night vision, probably remote monitoring, so forth)

If MrP had said 'We used a lot of the first installment of 200k on CCTV' then I wouldnt be at all surprised if that was true given figures above. Assuming what he says is actually true anyway.
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