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Default Re: Bryn Law puts forward 'Gate Approval Process' changes and NDA changes

Originally Posted by Todd Sweeney View Post
It's not at all. Unilateral or ‘one-way’ NDAs are quite standard. I deal with them all the time.

Bilateral NDAs require negotiation and agreement between the two parties before coming into force. Not really possible in the type of situation we are talking about, and it would potentially cost our club a lot of money. What would we gain from that?

Bryn Law's proposal is unworkable and will encourage chancers to try their luck. The whole point of the NDA is that it offers protection to us. A serious bidder for the club will never need to worry about it because they will never break the NDA.
Of the last 50 or so NDA's I've signed not one is one sided, every single business we engage in negotiations with expect mutual protections. And very rarely do they need to be negotiated, most I get and certainly the one I send out are fair and reasonable from the outset. Only unfair and punitively one sided NDA's ever cause issues.
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