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Default Re: Jaaskelainen set to leave

Originally Posted by John Neals Dynasty View Post
Going by what AA says Fyldes owner is an egomaniac, as is every club owner of so called tinpot clubs who have got promotion from this dire league and ones still investing more.

So putting it into perspective then our club board, All WST members are egomaniacs also and every fan who pays hard earned money into the club.
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A few hundred can hardly be compared to several million. But then, I guess it depends how much you have. A club with zero assets is hardly going to attract much interest. This region has its share of millionaires and billionaires who have shown no interest whatsoever. The fans are the only ones who will continue to fund this club in the short term at least, but even that is not guaranteed if we continue to underperform on the pitch, which is why any additional funds that come our way have to be invested wisely -even paying above what we might consider normally to secure the players we need.
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