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Default Re: Football club ownership model

Originally Posted by Rob View Post
"Those people, who sit there and think that the long term answer to this is to get more money from the top clubs and drop it down the pyramid, probably read Hans Christian Andersen before bed because the reality is it is not going to happen.

We know that but its still a problem.
Filtering down can be by players moving up but a lot of the money goes to foreign clubs for foreign players. I know the difference between fairy tale and reality .

FFP would be a game changer but NL are never going to have a rule that shatterer the sugar daddy dream. Likewise having a L2 north and south and more teams with league funding. Too many ex-league teams down here now and the kudos is huge. Notts C, Chesterfield, Stockport, Yeovil, Hartlepool, and us all likely to be pulling 3,500 plus crowds all season so they’re loving it.

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