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Default Re: Transfer rumours, speculation & associated discussion - summer 2019 II

Originally Posted by NottsRed View Post
No we don't not good enough and injury prone. We need better as last season he was shown to be lacking. can't make a decisive pass and slows the game down to a crawl when we need to be setting the pace.

Shame if we have lost out on Tollit but my view now is even is we get slightly better in the areas we need to improve it might be enough to get us promoted. Defensively we have kept what we needed to and that's the key to build on.
I'm with you on this Notts Red -I think Summerfield tailed off a bit last season after a good start. He does have an eye for a ball but his lack of mobility is a problem and contributed to us not linking up in the final third as well as we need to. Young is a better option