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Originally Posted by Vambo View Post
I think you referred readers to your next post, which we wait for with baited breath.
I also don't think you're the best poster to be berating other posters for a failure to grasp someone else's humour.

They are targeting a quick promotion back into the Football League and plan to conduct a root-and-branch review, including Neal Ardley’s position as boss on £200,000 a year. Their plans could also see a hotel built on the Meadow Lane site.

Meanwhile down at the Cae Ras in their crumbling ground the only root and branch is coming through the eyesore Kop.

The top paragraph was by Rhosymedre Red. The tongue in cheek reply a play on word's

Jumped on in later posts. I know in text you can't tell if someone it joking or serious it happens a lot on RP some fans take everything serious by posters.
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