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Originally Posted by Red Light View Post
A Welsh Nationalist that supported Chester - you heard it here first folks.
As a guess I would say his father originated from Chester and took him to games but he was brought up this side of the border.

Being close to the border there are lots of examples of fans living one side of the border and supporting the team the other side.

Always used to see a Leeds United supporters coach travelling through Deeside towards Elland Road - from Anglesey.

Nowt as strange as football folk ! Many on the outside of the game who don't participate just wouldn't understand it would they ?
The lad is from the Quay. I use to ask him how on earth can he sit amongst such hate filled arseholes and believe me, lads from the Lache and Blacon are obsessed with Wales and the Welsh.

You get a fair few Wrexham fans in Oswestry, but I class it as Welsh town.