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Default Re: Trust board snippets

Full PDF on under "WST Accounts 2018"

Pete Jones statement interesting to read, gives some insight to the manager mess:

"Although Sam’s assistant Graham Barrow turned down the chance to join Ricketts, he initially stated that he did not wish to be considered to replace Sam, but wished to stay on. However, during the search for the new manager, Graham threw his hat in the ring and informed the Board that he wished to be considered for the role. Make no mistake, the decision to apply for the manager’s position was entirely that of Graham’s despite misleading comments on social media. Based on our good position in the table, the experience of Graham and his knowledge of the squad and how they work best, continuity was an important factor in appointing Graham as manager.


However, towards the end of January, Graham Barrow informed the Football Club Board that he wished to stand down for personal reasons. However, Graham agreed to lead the team during this period whilst the Football Club Board sought a new manager. They invited three applicants for interview from which Bryan Hughes was appointed."


"This brings me on to personal abuse that once again raised it’s ugly head. This abuse singled out Board members who work extremely hard in the best interests of Wrexham Football Club for no pay whatsoever. They are all fans of Wrexham AFC, just like you and me, disappointingly this abuse even extended to the family members of some Board members. It has not gone unnoticed that social media has been a huge tool in the growth over the past few seasons of our fan base, and we thank the Media team for the excellent work that they do on this, but having said that, abuse of individuals has grown with it, some of which is just down right disgusting. When I say individuals, I just don’t mean Board members, I’m talking about players and staff as well. Take both of these into consideration when the Football Club are trying to sign a new player; and have an individual with the skills required for the Board. Do they really want this abuse?

This really does have to stop. Yes, we are all entitled to an opinion, but there are ways of putting your opinion over without resorting to personal abuse."