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Default Re: Trust board snippets

Originally Posted by Phils-an-alki View Post
Still no hint of any humility or an apology from the board then. Arrogant beyond belief.

This is yet another PR disaster, when you turn on your own fans its the beginning of the end and smacks of being totally out of touch.
Its what happened with Moss and there's no way back.
What a shocking, trite statement, comparing the WST with Moss. Having read a lot of social media recently it appears to me that there are certain fans who revel in causing arguments.

As for humility and apologies, perhaps they're waiting for people to do the same to them for the constant abuse they've had? What exactly should we be expecting? Mass resignations? Public whippings? It seems to me that, although we may be the same as other clubs, we have a very high number of keyboard warriors who although they want change, they don't know what to, or how to do it, just spout out vague ideas with no substance or structure.

I'm not defending what went wrong,just trying to see both sides of the story, which is seemingly what a certain set of posters on here don't want to do for whatever their own reasons.