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Default Re: Eric Woodfine RIP

I first met Eric working on the turnstiles at Chester Races and what fun we had.

We worked on the main entrance to the County Stand alongside each other for years. Ladies Day was the highlight of course. Whenever one of Cheshire's finest came through his turnstiles he'd give me a little kick in the shins so I'd stop what I was doing to have a quick butchers as she came in. "You'll met your future wife doing this job Andy" he would say to me. He loved a bit of banter with the racegoers male or female.

He was also head of turnstiles at Wrexham and said "what the hell are you doing paying good money to watch that rubbish for?". So thanks to him I started working the gates. Great times that I have to thank Eric for.

RIP you old charmer.
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