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Default Re: Question for WFC away following

I've never travelled on the club busses however I'll quote what Red Light put on another thread regarding arrival times. I do agree that an hours leeway considering the overall travel time is harsh but if it's a government enforced legislation I'm not sure what can be done.

Away Travel Coach Toilets.

Originally Posted by Red Light View Post
Think there are rules governing the arrival of away supporters coaches - seem to recollect they are not supposed to arrive more than 90 minutes before kick off - Sporting Events control of alcohol - idea is to prevent the masses getting excessively bladdered on away soil and causing potential problems.

As you have highlighted, in the event of traffic delays / accidents etc sometimes this is too close to comfort - coach driver always has an option to head for the destination and park up a few miles away before making the final few miles closer to kick off - indeed I assume this happens with regularity up and down the country.