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Originally Posted by Phils-an-alki View Post
I'd be very wary of calling on this club to get players in on loan, sorry the right players in on loan. The club is pretty useless at it. Panic ridden scattergun approach seems to be the plan based on the last few seasons.

You've just got to hope BH will change this but previous managers couldn't so I'm not optimistic. Last season was a farce in terms of loan players.
Agree that last season was a disaster in this area but BH has signed one proven striker so far (Harris) and he looks a big improvement above what we had last season.

Personally, I still think our midfield isnít yet good enough ó Young and Summerfield are too alike and should be on the bench instead of Rutherford who, IMHO, tries hard but isnít good enough for promotion. Barton may prove to be the defensive linchpin we are missing, whilst Redmond offers a good attacking option, who will improve as his fitness improves. That still leaves a massive gap for someone to run the midfield and pull it all together. BH must sign someone to do that role ASAP, otherwise weíll continue to drop points and fail to pull away.
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