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Originally Posted by woblob04 View Post
If we make Spencer Manager, can we sack him then?

Nothing against him personally, but if he had a boss, he would be sacked by now. I've defended them in the past as they volunteer their own time and lots of it.

There's no accountability at the club. We are run within our means and quite well because the fans turn up year after year. Despite each year being more of the same. I am frustrated but it's different now. By that I mean I am kind of apathetic when I watch us, as I've come to expect it. It used to be anger but it's not anymore.

I live an hour away from the ground the day costs me £40 an an ear ache off the missus. How can I justify it after performances like that today?

We are going to be in this league for another 20 years aren't we?

Just want to say... Oswell got paid for that... He get money in his pocket... For that.

Other fans are angry, and they have every right to be. If he sees out his contract, we will be playing in the Welsh Premier league, waiting for a big European night once a year and getting beaten 14-0 on aggregate and the second the game ends, we look forward to next year.
Well said. I have been travelling to and from Birmingham by train for the past 3 years to get to games and I am pretty much giving up now. I've spent so much money and time on watching continued failure. No doubt red poison can take the piss out of my commitment while he continues to bury his head in the sand.