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Originally Posted by 3pmsaturday View Post
If we have an elected board the club will die in my opinion. No elect the trust board which chooses football board. That said do remember that most of the football board are elected to the trust board.
And that is one of the problems. The 1/3 of the Trust board who sit on the football board will never remove themselves from position meaning in reality to remove a Director means 70/80% majority of the rest is needed, it also means at least 2 years of voting off current WST board members to change the balance enough. Even if a board member was voted out at a WST election they could be co opted back on

The solution is to have separation of committees - no football club board member to have voting rights on WST board meaning less protection, more accountability and the fans then have a genuine chance to influence if they so wished.

I’m with you on the need for another board member but I think it’s a CEO not Director of Football
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