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I have a degree fo respect for the owners of Tranmere and it will be interesting to see how the project there develop. The Indonesian company will not invest without looking forward for some return.
One has to bare in mind the Tranmere model still carries a historic debt which has been reduced by a touch of football fortune as well as sound financial management by Nicola.

Wrexham supporters have been really lucky in that the mess the previous left the club in was managed with help from 'football fortune' transfers and cup income. Add to that healthy attendances at The Racecourse.

I can only guess that the Indonesian 'investors' will have future buy in clauses or at the least a percentage take from future business.

I would be interested to know from those who propose a similar share offer for Wrexham how they would see it being managed.

Back in the day when Wrexham was fan owned by small shareholders they was a proposal to increase the shareholding. That idea was investigated and it was found to be expensive in itself to issue and manage the share extension. That was a good few years ago and I am aware times have changed.