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Default Maidenhead Rankings

Dibble 5: Heís lost confidence and Iíve lost confidence in him
Jennings 5: MOM? Honestly?
Carrington 6: Better defending than JBB but adds nothing going forward
Pearson 8: His best game this season, not happy with most of his team last night.
Chambers 6: Had a few wobbles
Summerfield 5: canít pass, canít tackle, definitely canít head, more of a chicane than a player last night.
Wright 3: One point for each of the sitters he missed
Young 7: unlucky for own goal, but linked well with Tollitt for goal and good free kick for Oswellís goal.
Grant 5: Hardly noticeable last night.
Oswell 6: Good goal, better display than Saturday but we need to play to his strengths.
Tollitt 7: our only attacking thread, we lost impetus when he went off.

Rutherford 5: Usual display, not a goal threat.
Redmond 4: Did nothing
Macintosh: not on long enough to rate.
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