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Default Re: Confidence in the Boards - WST & Club

Originally Posted by Phils-an-alki View Post
If you do still have confidence, 3 still do so far, it would be good to hear why? Genuine question.
Like many i see the club board having made some solid decision with off the field activities and finances but then some other very poor decisions off the field too such as
- Holding a money spinning friendly with Vaughan's Bangor
- Leaving fans in some very poor conditions at the stadium such as toilets not working, bird muck on seats etc
- Refusal to act upon the owners instructions over the disabled viewing platform

Then where do you start on the playing side of the club, absolute shambles. A professional business running its core activities on part time staff is what we have become. The Barrow fiasco, Mike Newell, appointing a failed Scarborough manager, the list goes on and on and most worrying if Hughes left today i think a similarly bad decision would follow.

The areas of the club that i think have been really successful are the ones where we appoint people to do specialist roles. Commercial is really good under Geoff Scott. The lads in the club shop are an absolute credit to the club, so friendly and helpful. And personally i think the media team output is largely very good, some criticise the tracksuits and the tame questions in interviews but the social media updates and the youtube highlights etc are top notch in my opinion.

As for the WST board? I am struggling to know what they actually do. Loads of names on the board but the end product is not visible to the rank and file fans. Off the top of my head i can only think of the Youth football day as a recent activity. Membership seems to have moved to the lads in the club shop, Fundraising efforts seem to have dried up. Added to the fact the source of the leaks still sits in a senior position.

My main issue with the WST board though is it is too close to the WAFC board, too cosy and there is no separation. As our elected representatives, the WST board should be questioning the WAFC board and holding them to account on their decisions and understanding how their mistakes are being rectified. All i can see from the outside is a big pat on the back club.