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Default Re: Confidence in the Boards - WST & Club

Originally Posted by NedStarksGhost View Post
Difficult to answer as I think it's too complex to boil down to Yes or No.

As said above, off the field they do a great job. But the football side needs a lot of work and I don't have the confidence in us achieving anything if they continue to run it.

So I voted Yes, but on the premise there is a change on the current structure. For example, bringing in someone with experience in a director of football role perhaps.
It's really not tbh. They obviously do a great job off the field, no one disputes that and they should carry on with this.

But as a football club, where are the positives, what have they shown over the past 5 years that signals to us, as fans that they have the ability to pick a manager who can get results on the field and if they can, what will they do to ensure we keep such a manager who could potentially get us up.