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Default Re: Maidenhead Rankings

Dibble - 5, didn't come off his line enough for set pieces but didn't make any howlers this time so suppose it's a positive

Carrington - 6, one of the better players but still not great going forward, as said an improvement on JBB
Pearson - 7, dependable as always, couldn't do much with either goals
Chambers - 4, looked dangerous at times but not in the right way
Jennings - 5, can't see how he got MOM but ok going forward

Summerfield - 3, why is he still getting game time?
Young 8, not his fault with the OG, covered every blade of grass and well worked for his goal
Wright - 2, missed 3 sitters, garbage, even worse than Summerfield

Grant - 5, looked dangerous at times but seemed like he was desperate for a red card
Oswell - 5, extra points for the goal but ineffective otherwise
Tollitt - 6, flashes of making stuff happen, good movement cutting inside and dragging defenders in with him, missed him when he went off but was knackered second half

Rutherford - 4, not really enough to judge but he ran about a bit
Redmond - N/A but still had a better game than Wright
McIntosh - N/A
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