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Default Re: Maidenhead Rankings

Dibble 6 - Just not good enough but not a lot he could have done about the goals.
Jennings 5: Baffling he got MOM, who was choosing his family? Didn't do much at all.
Carrington 5: Lacks the speed and skill to get forward but ok defensively.
Pearson 7: Was dishing it out to the team last night but after his start to the season I suspect that will just cause divide.
Chambers 6: Need Lawlor back asap.
Summerfield 5: Had to cover for the hide and seek champion along with Young but the quality of football is low.
Wright 1: Absolutely shit. Should never be anywhere near the team ever again. Got a 1 for managing to put his kits on properly. Dreadful player.
Young 8: Great goal and workd tirelessly mainly because he had to do Akils running for him. Great goal and one of the few who can honestly say they gave their all. If we had a midfield of Luke Young's we'd be doing much better.
Grant 5: Had a row with Oswell, or had a right go at him anyway. He's a good footballer but looks hugely frustrated at the moment. All is not well.
Oswell 7: Got a goal and worked his knackers off. Gets very very little service and has to compete with 2 cb's for aimless long balls. The CD striker curse strikes again.
Tollitt 7: I can only hope he was taken off because he was knackered. But he looks a threat at least. Bringing on Rutherford for him is like getting out of a merc to drive a childs pedal go kart.

Rutherford 2: Useless. Huffs and puffs and produces fck all. Standard.
Redmond 5: Not sure whats going on with him but I think at least there is a footballer there.
Macintosh 5: Didn't have enough time to do anything and I doubt he would have anyway.
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