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Default Re: Confidence in the Boards - WST & Club

Originally Posted by El Jonez View Post
Off the field a big YES. They should be applauded for many positive things.

On the field (footballing matters) a huge NO. The Davies/Barrow/Newell/Lawrence farce coupled with the appointment of Hughes is my reasoning.

Ultimately, the important behind the scenes stuff is lost in the noise if the football is unsuccessful. The Board are running the business side well -- within the limitations -- but their lack of understanding about appointing managers and coaches is a fundamental flaw that must be addressed asap. Otherwise, the cash-flow will dry up and we will be up sh1t creek without a paddle.

The poll is too narrow, and mirrors the Brexit fiasco by having only a binary option. If life were only so 'black & white', rather than the murky grey it often is!
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