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Default Re: Confidence in the Boards - WST & Club

Originally Posted by Phils-an-alki View Post
Again, we're a football club. Everything off the field should result in results on the field, if at any point that stops working then they haven't done their jobs. Simple stuff.
In your mind it clearly is but others -- myself included -- disagree.

To adapt your analogy of the builder with great accounts but poor workmanship. How many good builders or companies fail because, whilst they are very good at their job, they don't do the essential admin bumf on time and to the right standard? Far too many.

The club must get both sides of the business correct. Currently, they are about 70% behind the scenes, whilst about 30% on the pitch. They are open about many things but become insular when attacked. I fully understand their reaction to some of the bile and vitriol thrown at them but, equally, their inability to reflect on their failings and make the changes is extremely worrying.

Ultimately, it is for the Chairman of the WST to hold the Wrexham FC Board to account. That supervisory role failed from when Ricketts decided to leave, when the Board went UDI due to their not trusting elements within the WST upper echelons, who were leaking information.

At the moment, the WST model is all we have, but it is dependent on supporters' financial and actual support. That trust in the Trust has disintegrated amongst many, and been tried amongst most. The WST must get a grip of this before our position both on and off the field worsens.

But, finally, we are the WST. If we are not happy with how some or all of our representatives are conducting themselves then we must seek alternative folk to run things. But that is a massive commitment that few seem willing to make.

IMHO, we should not 'throw the baby out with the bathwater', but we do need some fresh brains on the Board to get us back on track before it all runs away. Don't prevaricate. Think then act!
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