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Default Re: Maidenhead Rankings

Dibble (6) Competent but his distribution was too often poor.

Carrington (7) Our best RB for the last few seasons. But whilst he does get forward he lacks the pace to get past their LB.

Pearson (7) Better performance but he was partly at fault for their first goal and then had a tirade against the ref and should have been booked.

Chambers (5) Hesitant and sometimes weak in the challenge. Must do better.

Jennings (6) Bit rusty but kept going. His crosses are mostly ineffective.

Summerfield (5) For every good thing he did, he would then commit a howler. Cannot control the midfield.

Wright (4) He gets into the right areas but lacks the ability and composure to finish chances. Should have had a hat-trick last night, and cost us 3 points.

Young (8) He is no midfield general but he does much of the donkey-work, and good cross for the first and well taken goal. My MotM.

Grant (6) Worked hard but did not stamp his authority.

Oswell (5) Glad he got the goal but his limitations are being exposed: too slow; and neither big enough nor strong enough to act as a target-man. Being isolated doesn't help, and he has injured himself last night, so was struggling towards the end.

Tollitt (7) Our only attacking threat. But we are back to last season, when he has to do it all on his own. Overheard on a conversation on the way home, claiming he is a disruptive influence in the dressing-room. Well, he is disruptive to the opposition on the pitch, which what counts!


Rutherford - Lots of effort but little or no quality.

McIntosh - Struggling to cope with the physicality of the game.

Redmond - Lots of ability but he has to toughen up if he is to become effective.

The ref (5) - I have seen worse but she allowed them far too much time-wasting, and she never once allowed play to flow by giving the advantage.

Maidenhead - A poor and cynical team who got lucky with an OG and a worldie that would normally end up on the Kop. But we again failed to beat an average team which, sadly, makes us no better than average at the moment.
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