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Default Re: Confidence in the Boards - WST & Club

Just looking at the comments on here and those saying they do a GREAT job off the field a bit OTT maybe initially they did when we took over from the crooks but in recent seasons they are living off the back of that success with empty promises things like doing the Kop up was a smokescreen to divert attention from the playing side fiasco, at the start they lived off a fortunate cup run which paid off a large amount of debt.

Getting the lease on the ground they deserve credit, but 9acre and the promise of a new training ground does anyone believe that?

They have wasted money hand over fist with incompetence since the weasel Keates jumped off a promotion challenging ship.

90% possibly higher on here said giving the job to a man who's only experience was being sacked as a joint manager for losing every game at Scarborough...what was on his CV that made him the best for the job?

Also the lack of communication to the fans who travel across the country shows an arrogant attitude along with their never owning up to their mistakes.

Nobody forced them to volunteer so if they like the accolades for the reducing good things the do. Then they must accept the flack and criticism for incompetence like anyone on the board if we had private owners they would get a lot worse.
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