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Default Re: Confidence in the Boards - WST & Club

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I'm not actually buying the 'running the club well away from football' line anymore either.

We have no training facilities, its unknown if we're even training much at all at moment as 9 acres is a ghost town. We are currently in a worse position on the training front in many decades.

We are the only professional club in the country with a head coach working one day a week who has a role in picking his next boss (beyond belief)

We have bizarre overnight stays for away games that don't warrant it.

We offer deals to players with long term injuries in the hope they recover (Manny and Lainton)

We're not utilising the many windfall payments received in recent years (cup runs, Taylor, Ward)

The stadium is falling into disrepair, even basic maintenance is being ignored.

The whole club board not speaking to the trust board fiasco around the Barrow / Hughes appointment

Wasting money on flames in the players tunnel (if this wasn't free it's bonkers)

Bizarre appointments like Newell, Flynn etc. A firmer stance needed for staff appointments.

Delays in publicising season tickets in the close season.

The patronising cringe that comes out of the boards mouths, especially SH and PJ. I actually felt insulted by the crap they spurted in that clear the air meeting earlier this year.

I could go on.....
The leak is still on the WST board and recently used his casting vote to vote in favour of his mate ie the status quo.

Yet people still lap it up.