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Default Re: Bryan Hughes has started blocking fans on Twitter

Originally Posted by NedStarksGhost View Post
I have grasped what fan ownership is, and I understand making valid critiques. But you've completely missed the point.

His social media account is his. It has nothing to do with the club, the WST, the fans. If he wishes to block people on there, that is his right. The fans are not entitled to be on there. Just like your boss is not entitled to be on your social media.

Yes people are elected to represent the WST membership. Those are the people who are in charge. You, as a fan and a WST member, are not. You have a vote and can run for the board. You are not directly in charge nor a boss. Brian Hughes does not answer to you or any other fan.

That is how fan ownership works. We elect people in to represent us and be the boss.

If Brian Hughes wishes to potentially anger someone who may one day be in charge, that is his prerogative. He doesn't have to have the fans on his social media accounts.
His accounts private and has been for yonks, those unaware he had an account have still been blocked.

Again, you've missed the point. You seem to be suggesting those running the show aren't fans once more.

Fans are now playing on this knowing it's winding him up, it also raises concerns regarding the clubs policies on social media. Do they provide employees with with help and advice like other clubs do?

Like I say seeking out people who you can pick and choose who follow you on social media is weird.

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