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Originally Posted by Connolly View Post
Why are people shocked that a team that played Saturday and play again on Tuesday aren't grafting on a Monday?

Training might be garbage and Hughes may not have a clue, but the fact they only had a light session on a Monday in between 2 games should be a surprise to anybody.
Usually managers have players in on a Sunday if they haven't played well enough. Even doing double sessions to work on things.

Too much to expect at Wrexham though. Monday didnt even sound like a very light session, more like a warm up session before doing any light work.

Also.many claim they aren't at the training ground all that much, we must do these light sessions all the time.

That's the trouble when you have a manager in charge again who lives the other end of the country. Wants to dart off and play footgolf or whatever.

Amatuer sides put more effort into prep.

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