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Taking coaching badges
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Default Re: Bryan Hughes has started blocking fans on Twitter

Originally Posted by Connolly View Post
I don't know enough about coaching, fitness or professional football players requirements to know if that session was normal, not normal or designed to be what it was.

Unless you have coaching badges and are privvy to the current teams requirements, I'd guess neither are you?
In the current climate people are going to speculate. The truth is none of us here (I bet) actually know anything about the training regime. If what people are saying, that the team barely trains, is true then yes that is appalling and serious questions would need to be asked about the staff, players and the regime that allows it. But I just find it hard to believe. I can't see people like Pearson putting up with that. I think you should always assume people have a level of professionalism about their job unless you have actual concrete evidence to the contrary.

As for this twitter thing. Who gives a shit? It's his personal account he can do what he likes.

I my job I get criticism from the public on social media (sometimes personal sometimes general) and I just ignore it. And have blocked and/or removed myself from platforms where you see people's comments, because noone really needs or deserves to read stuff like that about themselves, although unless it's defamatory then people are entitled to say it.