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Default Re: Maidenhead Rankings

Originally Posted by Danny Boy View Post
Dibble -6- Don't think he could have done anything with the first, no chance with the second...Few routine saves and kicking okay but not really troubled.

Carrington -5- Awful going forward, didn't really need to do much defending, ironically JBB prob would have suited this game better.

Jennings -5- Did slightly more then Carra going forward but nothing much good, again, didn't have to defend much.

Chambers -5- Shakey, but not put under too much pressure.

Pearson -7- Trying to drag the team with him, think it is too much even for him though.

Wright -4- Tough to rate as he did well getting into positive positions but shocking composure and finishing.

Summerfield -6- Had loads of the ball but unable to create much with what is in front of him, he didn't give much away but will always struggle to be effective in this set-up.

Young -7- Edges SP for MOM, unlucky with the OG I think, assist and a good goal. He has to get through a lot of work which stops him being able to impose himself as much as we would like.

Tollit -5- Couldn't even control it first half, improved after the break. Definitely shouldn't have been taken off when chasing the win, good play for Youngs goal.

Grant -5- Had a tough battle with there RB, unlucky with his overhead kick at the end.

Oswell -6- Got a goal, was battered all night by there defenders whilst trying to win the balls lumped to/at him. Was impressed with how he kept going and working, he is another who will never be effective in this system though.

Rutherford - On for Tollit when chasing a winner?! Him and Carra down the right was never going to produce anything.

Redmond - Don't remember him touching it.

Macintosh - Had to check on BBC Sport that we actually did bring him on.
You are right about Wright getting into good positions on another day he will score a few .Put in a better shift than Redmond does and did bring some physicality to midfield.
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