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Default Re: Confidence in the Boards - WST & Club

Originally Posted by Haruki View Post
The non full time number 2 is not the only mistake though. Everything about Ricketts screamed "manager", not a lot about Hughes gives me those same thoughts. Compare where the two of them had been prior to getting this job. Ricketts was working with one of the highest rated professional academies in the country, Hughes worked with an amateur academy and a foot golf centre. Watch interviews with them both, Rickets gives the impression of a man you would respect and work for, you can see players wanting to listen when he speaks and I don't get that with Hughes.

Look at the age profile of our board and most would have been watching Wrexham in the Flynn heighdays. I can only think they got sucked in by Hughes name and memories of that FA cup run he starred in as it sure as hell cant have been his CV.
Excellent post Haruki