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Default Re: Ayr Utd. (H) ratings

Originally Posted by Lods View Post
For those who turned up, what did you think of the team? A couple of youngsters showed promise IMO.

Szczepaniak: 5 - Didn't have too much to do. Claimed the ball well but kicking left a lot to be desired. Saved a penalty.
Barnum-Bobb: 5 - Wasn't overly impressed with him, played a great through ball in the 2nd half but was average either side of that.
Cleworth: 6 - Liked him. Obviously has a long way to go but he didn't really put a foot wrong
Lawlor: 7 - Had a good game. If only we can have this Lawlor in the league.
Tharme: 6 - Was okay, coming back from a small injury. Would rather him playing in these games than bench warming at Telford.
Rutherford: 5 - Wasn't great, but was played out of position. Did work hard but was mostly ineffective.
Barton: 7 - Man of the match, especially 2nd half. Calm and composed in all he did. Hughes has to heavily consider him for Saturday, I think.
Redmond: 6 - Did okay, seems to have ups and downs, just need to get the ups happening a lot more often.
Bickerstaff: 6 - Looked decent, got himself a well-taken goal too. Possibly one to look for.
Tollitt: 6 - Not his best game in a Wrexham shirt but still had some good runs. He can excite the fans, just needs to work on his decision-making for me.
McIntosh: 5 - Might as well have not been there. Quickly becoming the new invisible man for me.

Williams: 5 - Just average, didn't really get into the game.
Jones: N/A - Not on long enough to give a fair rating
Beaumont: N/A - Same as above

Good & fair assessment.

My man of the match is also Adam Barton .... had the ability to slow time down when he received/won the ball and also to pick a pass.