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Default Re: Wales U21's V Belgium U21's

Originally Posted by Bigmike View Post
In my opinion BBC wales let the age group football teams down big style. It would be very easy for them to promote games but they don't seem to do that. Apologies to BBC Wales if I am wrong and they do indeed promote such matches. However I have not seen or heard them do it.
There is a lot that could have been done I think Mike, particularly by the WFA, who are pretty gormless at times.
To capture the Welsh fans of the future I feel schools should always be a major target when advertising games like this. I very much doubt posters were displayed in the towns schools who have just started a new term.
They would boost the crowd & add to the flat atmosphere.
It wouldn’t have been hard & wouldn’t have cost a lot, but it is obvious there was no will to promote it sadly.
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