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Default Re: Ayr Utd. (H) ratings

Originally Posted by John Neals Dynasty View Post
I get the never wanting our team to lose of course it sounds odd wanting to lose, but we have to look at the bigger picture, all these league games getting cancelled and with us near the bottom it's not a position to want to be playing catch up.

If these games were in the week yes be great to give youth a chance and players needing games...

But Saturday matches postponed for a pathetic competition like this?

What's our priorities?... Surely getting promoted out of this horrible league?

We already have points to try to make up and this is getting in the way it's like a punishment for finishing in the league where we did.

Don't forget games to catch up and the FA trophy to come also our squad is not big enough for extra games.
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Is this from the same poster who moans about no reserve games or not giving youth a chance. Players played today who may never start another game for a full time club. Would you begrudge them that chance. 2 or 3 games in this competition won’t cost us promotion. An inept manager and recruitment team have already done that.