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Default Re: We Havenít Replaced Manny Smith

[QUOTE=Percy Sugden;2290855]
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He was a very good centre half for us. Lawlor has done well but I donít think heís half as good as a reliable Manny. We looked a class organised outfit when Manny Pearson Jennings and Roberts/Carrington were involved and massively exposed since.

Also, whatís wrong with Lainton??[/QUOTE]

ďFreak injury. He wonít be out for longĒ

Maybe the media team could ask a question that we actually want an answer too?

If not, the Leader or Daily Post could ask?
We don't get told anymore, all seems to be part of the a*se covering in January. Where the football board didn't consult the WST board because of the GDPR apparently, even though the leak knew what was going on.