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That would be some early Christmas present! He would sort this lot out for sure and would get us out of this bloody league, but whilst we have Dick and Dom in the boardroom there is no chance that we could even dream of getting John Coleman here....they wouldn't know how to handle his direct no nonsense approach and would not risk losing their lofty positions by appointing him in the first place....we are in a vicious circle which if we don't manage to get rid of soon, will eventually consign us to non league football for good.
Coleman is fed up at Accrington by all accounts, he's said a few times how shocking the crowds are over there. I'm sure he'd love it here, but the way the club is run at the moment, we wouldn't pay what's required and he's no yes man, so he wouldn't get an interview. The club is broken, well, only if you care about the football.
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