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Default Re: Ayr Utd. (H) ratings

Originally Posted by Ooh aah Paskin View Post
This gets me annoyed just as much as the infringement itself. Fair enough, if a player lashes out and it does connect hard. But if it is a petulant 'scrape' then the reaction doesn't need to be that extreme.

By all means complain to the ref and/or assistants but if it wasn't a hard contact don't give it the theatrics. I get fed up with seeing players go down and roll around screaming, then once a kick and card is given they are up and running around sometimes even without the trainer coming on.

Times have changed but when I was younger playing you took these challenges on the chin (literally sometimes!) and let the ref decide the outcome. Nowadays it seems players are out to get others carded or sent off far too easily.
There was no need for their player to do it but our keeper's reaction was embarrassing.