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Default Re: Wales U21 v Germany tonight Tue 10 Sept

Originally Posted by wrexhamandy View Post
Do you think Brennan Johnson is worth an early call up to the full squad to try and bag him now given the rumours of England looking at him?
He does't look ready, loads of rough edges that will be ironed out as he is till so young. He is behind the likes of Wilson, Lawrence, Brooks etc but sometimes you can just spot a player with potential on how they move and show for the ball.

Also i am not a fan of giving out caps just to cap someone as we did years ago with Harry Wilson. Caps should be an honour that is earn't and if someone is prepared to defect then they weren't the right players for us anyway

Those saying Harris was the best player on the pitch, yes he was decent ploughing a lone role up top but did they have the blinkers onto Jack Evans (number 4 in the holding midfield) I thought he was the one Welshman that would have walked into the German team