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Default Re: National League Updates 2019/20 Season II

Originally Posted by diablo1981 View Post
Strikers seem to flourish when away from here, it's no coincidence.

The expectation here plays a huge part in this (along with the obvious regime we've been under), we are a huge club (based on previous history & average crowds) at this level, and some players will thrive under this, others can't seem to cope with it.

The difference between us and the other large teams (Oxford, Bristol Rovers, Luton, Lincoln etc) is that they had the financial clout to bring in those quality players.

We live within our means, and as a consequence we look like we're stuck without any ideas on how to evolve, we have been nowhere near promotion since 2013.

Stating the obvious here but there is something seriously wrong at this club. We need change.
But apparently everything is great 'off the field' (which results in nothing by the way apart from failure on the pitch) and that's enough for some. See the poll I started and some of the excuses for the failure, its staggering.
Seems some now support the clubs accounts and football is secondary. Brainwashed? Probably.
Wrexham FC fan not a WST fan.

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