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Originally Posted by Red Light View Post
Disagree (partially)

We need people at the helm of the club dragged into the current century with some vision to harness other organisations and drive the place forward - Blackpool's Bloomfield Road stadium is unrecognizable now to it's not so recent past - office space and a hotel linked into it's stands bringing revenue in 7 days a week in addition to the football - in 10 years time we will still be looking at a weed strewn empty kop and laughing at Jonesy's bar where I absolutely 100 % refuse to spend a penny at every home match. You can't even buy a 50 / 50 ticket or a raffle ticket.

Everything has a cost - progress on the field may come with better players but for that we need money - improved facilities and making them available for more than 2 days at most a week might help.

Place is stuck in a time warp - sentiment for season 78 wont get us anywhere (although it's nice to have the memories)

Best post I've read on here in awhile.

That's the music they should play at half time the Time warp...
Let's face it that cringey embarrassing Wrexham is the name is a time warp.

I agree the club is going nowhere as we stand these schemes are just simply talk to distract from the latest cock ups.

Remember Spencer and the big recent gateway to Wrexham new stand...that as expected died a death..but a good distraction from our January cock ups...

I notice posters who have not posted before or rarely do suddenly appear when we beat the Mighty Ayr United and the wetting of trousers with excitement at Playing St Mirren kids.... All help take the heat off being 18th in the league with a top footgolf coach.

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