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Originally Posted by Quay Red View Post
Thought Grant was one of the better players, at least trying to inject some effort and urgency into the game. Defence was generally OK.
Sutton set up well and slowed the game down but we were architects of our own downfall in lack of energy / pace in our play, poor passing and an overall lethargic display. Apart from the last ten minutes.
Watching match of the day, a number of sides are setting up in a similar pattern 4/2/3/1. and use the ball down the wings as an attacking outlet, the differences, apart from quality, are that these teams have midfielders who can pass and move effectively. Unfortunately we haven't got the midfield to help create chances and need to go back to the basics of 433 or 442 and get the best out of what we've got.
Agree , 4231 is now very common at the top level because the players exist to do it. Strikers who can still operate whilst isolated, backed by number 10s and attacking midfielders who cam move intelligently and pass. Width is provided by high energy and athletic full backs who can get up and down.

At our level these players donít exist and it is stupid to try these more sophisticated systems. 532 is more feasible but in itself this requires top notch wing backs and lots of defensive cover.

Hughes was daft to experiment pre season and then decide on 4321. He had a 433 which worked defensively and just required some tweaking and the addition of a few quality players in the right positions.

Moving forward a new manager needs to go back to bog standard basics, either with a 433 or more preferably 442 to avoid an isolated striker. He should try this
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