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Default Re: Off Field Success story

Originally Posted by -luke View Post
Been asking this same question without answer for a while.
You must be going around with your eyes closed.
New club shop. Improved and expanded Hospitality.
Better take up on advertising. Promotion and use of the 'course as a venue for meetings, parties etc.
Reduction in operating losses from 750k a year when the trust took over to around 100k which is covered by the WST
On going ground improvements, Drainage, Pitch improvements. Floodlight maintenance. Ticketing. Reduction in freebees.
Improved catering - still more work to do on concourse bars.
Long term. Lease of facility for 100k / annum.
Stand sponsorships.
Moves towards creating a new training facility to replace Colliers / 9 Acre.
Kop redevelopment.
I'm sure there's a lot more but I've listed those that immediately come to mind.