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Default Re: Off Field Success story

Originally Posted by Quay Red View Post
You must be going around with your eyes closed.
New club shop. Improved and expanded Hospitality.
Better take up on advertising. Promotion and use of the 'course as a venue for meetings, parties etc.
Reduction in operating losses from 750k a year when the trust took over to around 100k which is covered by the WST
On going ground improvements, Drainage, Pitch improvements. Floodlight maintenance. Ticketing. Reduction in freebees.
Improved catering - still more work to do on concourse bars.
Long term. Lease of facility for 100k / annum.
Stand sponsorships.
Moves towards creating a new training facility to replace Colliers / 9 Acre.
Kop redevelopment.
I'm sure there's a lot more but I've listed those that immediately come to mind.
When the Trust took over the club lost money on every meal it sold in hospitality. Just think about that. The business was a basket case and the owners just blew our assets with abandon and lost our training facilities.

Massive improvements at the club. A club on a firm foundation, a club able to move up the leagues.

I completely agree with the 'its on the field that counts' in one way but successful clubs do it all well./

We must improve on the pitch to supplement the great works off it and having a DoF is the way to try and achieve that as we are failing in that area.
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