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Default Re: Off Field Success story

Originally Posted by -luke View Post
Club shop... Nice and tidy, but i would be interested in seeing the increase in sales as a direct result of this? I would argue they would be largely the same before and after the shop refit.

Better take up on advertising...yep sure, the least i expect from a club with a commercial manager in place. Also i believe some boards left in place and not resold when sponsorship pulled by some sponsors at various points.

Reduction in operating costs is comparing apples and oranges to me. Under previous owners spending had skyrocketed. Im not knocking the reduction, I am saying that any shrewd ops manager or business manager would be able to apply lean thinking to remove waste spends

Pitch improvements covered by university werent they? Dugouts... Totally pointless. Ticketing system had to be done... Reduction in freebies? Elaborate on this one? Id expect us not to be handing out freebies as you put it, its just common sense

Stand sponsorships...cant argue with that one. Wonder what revenue they bring in though.

Catering is still pish I am afraid. You obviously say there is still work to be done and be good to see this come into fruition, but matchday experience is mostly a negative one imo. Fylde have the single best matchday experience I have ever had out of premier league of course and we have the facilities and space to emulate what they do.

Lease of facility... Cant argue, i also cant imagine glyndwr were desperate to continue meeting the cost of running the ground once it was largely surplus to requirements. The deal suited us, but we didnt hold any of the cards.

Kop and training ground...please. Use these when it happens. Council is skint, in order to deliver on either of these things investment is required.

I think that the biggest actual achievement is cutting op costs. The others are all pretty much low hanging fruit. What amazes me is the view that nobody else can do what the current board are doing...i think additionally the degredation of youth development is a strategic own goal as we have essentially turned off a potentially significant revenue stream.
I would say it is difficult to assess the lease of facility as you call it. I believe only the two boards WST and Football together with a Midlands solicitor will know the details outside the headline of the deal. Time will tell if it is good for the club or Uni.