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Default Re: WST EGM - Recap of Agenda

Originally Posted by -luke View Post
Thats a pretty accurate comment.


In that order.

Strongly expect if this goes ahead that individual motions to request resignation of at least 2 fc board members. It doesnt mean it will pass, highly unlikely in fact, but at least we can discuss the concerns and have some kind of plan in place.

I think more far reaching motions for change also, review of the make up of the fc and trust boards... Just because supporters direct suggested the board format doesnt make it perfect. Motion to put a more efficient process in place for initiating a vote of no confidence. Definitely on board with motions to secure football expertise even if a salaried or consultative role is needed. And most importantly a motion to protect full time status
At least you've added some detail to the bland EGM agenda listed earlier.
Not a single suggestion as to what happens next though.

For example, the board are voted off, the new board prove to be a disaster and revenue falls.
Full time status is protected, and the club is dead within 12 months.

We need better people at all levels, but until they are identified, we have to stick with what we have.

What you are calling for equates to shouting sack the team, with no replacements lined up to come in, it's madness.
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