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Default Re: WST EGM - Recap of Agenda

Originally Posted by dixienormous View Post
The dilemma we have is, most footballing boards realise they're failing (usually they see it on grass when eleven men who play for their club fail to win enough games). If they don't realise, the fans usually turn on them and they either step down or they are run out of town. Unfortunately, we have a board who haven't realised, or refuse to get their heads out of their arses to see they are failing. To compound our misery, the section of our fanbase who can make a difference wont because they don't want to upset those who give up their free time for the club. We are in a dangerous place.
Which all goes to prove that not enough people want a change of strategical direction. In which case you leave well alone. It isn't the fault of the Board or the Trust that we are in a lowly position in the League. Just that the management and the players are not good enough . The cycle goes round and round at our level of football. Sometimes you are good most times you are not.