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Default Re: WST EGM - Recap of Agenda

Originally Posted by fluffysheepsupporter View Post
Which all goes to prove that not enough people want a change of strategical direction. In which case you leave well alone. It isn't the fault of the Board or the Trust that we are in a lowly position in the League. Just that the management and the players are not good enough . The cycle goes round and round at our level of football. Sometimes you are good most times you are not.
Any manager has a right to expect that the set up in place will be conducive to a successful implementation of the agreed strategy to achieve the desired targets. If the boards (football and WST) have a target of 5th/6th tier football then a part time set up from board level and playing side of things will suffice. If we want to reverse our decline then something needs to be in place to reflect that. We have a right to know these things I think.