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Default Re: Statement responding to 'social media storm' "Regarding Wrexham DSA & Viewing Platform"

Originally Posted by Cenotaff View Post
Or during the working week.

Like I said. Employ someone to run the day to day running of the club to deal with this sort of thing if it's too time consuming as a volunteer.

A full-time, professional football club should not be run on volunteers alone.
Exactly, yet another reason, this whole sorry event, why we need at least one professional businessman, full time, independent and an outsider to help the board. I accept that would cost say 50K p.a., maybe just under, maybe just over.

However I rather suspect that is less than the amount we have had to pay off managers and coaches with over the last couple of years given contractual issues and questionable appointments. It is certainly a small sum compared to the monies the club gained when we had a professional full time businessman, i.e. Don Bircham, involved running the club and helping out the board in terms of the sell on fees negotiated for Ward/Taylor/Moult.

It's not can we afford a professional CEO it can we afford not to have one as we lurch from one error to the next losing fans game by game. If the board had the best interests of the club at heart they'd accept they need help. It is the bigger man who admits that rather than who stumbles on totally out of his depth.